7 Days of Basics

7 Days of Basics

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Can’t find the perfect everyday pieces? Say hello to our Basics Collection! We found and gathered all of our basic pieces for you so you don’t have to. From our selection of rings, necklaces, earrings and more, get ready to rock these stunning everyday pieces from one day to the next!


Day 1
Feeling dainty? Let us introduce to you some of our adorable elegant pieces, making your everyday outfit look that much cuter. Today is the day you rock our Baby Link Up Necklace, a stunning thin link necklace that will definitely make a big statement without being too overpowering. Better yet, pair it with our EVRYday Ring. The cutest most dainty piece that’ll compliment not only your necklace, but also your whole outfit. 
Chain necklace, gold link chain, elegant yet trendy. Simple band ring, dainty stackable ring for evryday.

Day 2

If you’re having one of those days where you want to add a classy touch to your look, we’ve got you covered! This day calls for rocking our Girly Pearly Necklace, the classiest faux pearl necklace of your dreams. This baby will make you feel like the lady you are, while adding that perfect girly touch to your outfit. While you’re at it, complete this look by adding our Classy Earrings. These crystal hoops will add that extra classy touch that you’ve been looking for.

Simple pearl necklace, elegant yet trendy. CZ stone earrings, class up your look.  


Day 3

We all have those days where we want a more extra and edgy jewelry look, while still keeping it simple for everyday wear. This is where our Shining Snake Necklace comes in, the perfect edgy yet simple piece to step up your outfit game. This look isn’t complete without the matching Shining Snake Bracelet, adding that extra touch of shine to your look. What can we say? You absolutely need these pieces in your life, they’re just ssssso cute!

Classy herringbone necklace, can be stacked or worn alone. Simple herringbone bracelet, dainty yet dressy.


Day 4

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and don’t feel like being extra, and that’s ok. We found the perfect pieces for that effortless look that you’re trying to achieve. This look calls for our Effortless Ring, a timeless piece that’s simple yet stunning. Wear this piece with literally any outfit and you’re guaranteed to make a statement. This baby pairs perfectly with our Soho Hoops, cute and simple earrings that are stunning yet without trying too hard. 

Simple band ring, stackable or can be worn alone.  Simple gold baby hoops, can be used for evryday and special occasions.


Day 5

If you’re going for a more classic look… keep reading. These next pieces will not only serve effortless vibes, but will also make your everyday outfit stand out. Today’s jewelry piece pick is our Don’t Get It Twisted Necklace, a statement piece that’s adorable and dainty yet unique. Complete this classic look with the matching Don’t Get It Twisted Ring and Earrings for an unforgettable combo that can be worn everyday with every outfit. If you want to go the extra mile, store your jewelry in a Faberge Egg!

A fun spin on a classic chain, gold twisted chain. Gold croissant hoops, spice it up or tone it down. Silver plated croissant ring, pair it up or leave it be.


Day 6

Are you someone who loves to make a statement while at the same time, keeping it lowkey? We’ve got you covered with these adorable everyday pieces that were absolutely made for you. Today is the day you get our Plain Jane Ring, the most perfect statement piece that is loud yet simple. This thick band is guaranteed to complement any outfit you wear. Pair it with our Baby Angel Necklace for a more dainty yet striking look. These two stunning pieces worn together are a dangerous duo!

Gold thick band ring, simple but a must. Thin chain necklace, a heavenly touch to any outfit.


Day 7

Looking for a chain jewelry piece that’s dainty yet edgy? Today’s look calls for our stunning Link Up Necklace, an edgy link necklace that is made to make any outfit stand out. You’ll definitely have everyone wanting to link up with you while wearing this baby. (Get it? Haha…) Pair this baby with the matching Link Up Bracelet to complete this dainty edgy look that’ll have everyone wishing they were you.

Gold link necklace, simple yet trendy. Gold link bracelet, class it up or keep it simple.

Whether you’re hitting the town or running errands, these pieces are the perfect add-ons to complete any look. If you’re looking to buy someone in your life a gift, check out our article on gifting for the complete guide!